Transforming Ways


Transforming Ways - From zapping air pollution to pulling oil from the tar sands, for Stein Industries Inc., it's one big power trip.

For Dan Steinhaur, founder and owner of Stein Industries Inc., silence is truly golden. Unlike a great many manufacturers, the less people say about his products, the happier he is. "When everything is functioning properly," he says, "they should be out of sight, out of mind."

Founded in 1992, Stein Industries Inc. produces custom-designed transformers and electrical power conversion equipment for clients around the globe. The product line includes electrostatic precipitator transformer rectifiers, three phase power transformers and three phase process and transit rectifier transformers.

Not suprisingly, it's a product line Steinhaur is readily prepared to dumb-down. "If you've ever been at a party where people rub balloons on their hair and stick them on a wall due to electrostatic traction, you have a sense of how our electrostatic precipitators work." he explains. "essentially they charge the dust and soot generated by a variety of industries, from coal-fired power plants to cement manufacturers, and cause that dust to stick to large collecting plates."

The ash gathered by these precipitators is then collected and recycled, becoming a component in things like road building materials and concrete blocks. "But most important, the stuff does not go into the sky as pollution," says Steinhaur. "We collect about 99% of the material produced by these industrial processes, and what is not recycled goes into landfill sites as inert material, which is still better than having it pumped into the air."

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