A Message From the President

Dan Steinhauer - President

During the past twenty years, Stein Industries Inc. has enjoyed phenomenal growth. This can be attributed to the company's overriding goal of providing complete customer satisfaction. Stein Industries Inc. has integrated Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing to ensure the flexibility in meeting the end users specific requirements with a fastidious approach to detail. Ongoing research and development, careful product planning and conservative fiscal controls have enhanced the company's success.  Stein Industries Inc. employees enjoy working as an integrated team, with a relaxed and informal atmosphere, but at the same time strictly adhering to carefully prescribed and documented procedures. This starts at the product design level and is found throughout the entire operation, including receiving inspection, winding techniques, manufacturing methodology, oven curing stabilization, and an extremely disciplined quality control regimen. Stein Industries Inc. is ISO 9001-2008 certified.


Who We Are

Stein Industries Inc. was founded in 1992 by company president Dan Steinhaur along with a number of highly skilled and experienced associates. This core group collectively brought with it a wealth of expertise in coil winding, transformer design, manufacturing, and testing of high voltage transformers and DC supplies.
Since its incorporation, Stein Industries Inc. has developed an extensive product line to meet the highest industrial standards in the broadcast, power generation, pollution control, power distribution and advanced research sectors. We manufacture power supplies for use with the new multi-collector, energy saving IOT devices now being introduced by various tube vendors.  More than five years ago Stein Industries Inc. acquired a small manufacturer of electronic components utilized in our Transformers. This acquisition has led to the growth and development of our contract electronics manufacturing and Induction Heating for industrial welding applications.  Stein Industries Inc. will continue developing by addressing the needs of our customers and making investments in research and development to innovate existing products and creating cutting-edge solutions for the future.

Where We Are